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Setting up MarcoPolo's actions

Actions are triggered when MarcoPolo decides to change your context.

Each action has the following properties:

Most actions will be Arrival actions; that is, they will be triggered when MarcoPolo switches to that context. The alternative is a Departure action, which is triggered when MarcoPolo switches away from that action's context. In this case, the delay parameter will be the length of time from the action being triggered until the context is switched.

DefaultPrinter actions

Actions of type DefaultPrinter change your computer's default printer.

FirewallRule actions

Actions of type FirewallRule can enable or disable the network firewall for various services.

iChat actions

Actions of type iChat change your iChat status message.

MailSMTPServer actions

Actions of type MailSMTPServer change the default SMTP server of your accounts.

Mount actions

Actions of type Mount attempt to mount a network volume (afp://, smb://, etc.).

Mute actions

Actions of type Mute will mute or unmute your system audio.

NetworkLocation actions

Actions of type NetworkLocation will change your current Mac OS X Network Location.

Open actions

Actions of type Open are the most general actions. Upon triggering, MarcoPolo will open that file: if it is an application, it will be launched; if it is an AppleScript, it will be executed; otherwise, it will be opened with that file's default application. This is roughly equivalent to double-clicking on that file in Finder.

ScreenSaverPassword actions

Actions of type ScreenSaverPassword either enable or disable your screen saver's password.

ScreenSaverTime actions

Actions of type ScreenSaverTime can change the idle time before your screen saver activates.

ShellScript actions

Actions of type ShellScript allow you to execute arbitrary shell scripts using /bin/sh. Arguments may be passed to the script by using a pipe character ("|") as a separator in the parameter. (e.g. /path/to/|argument1|argument2)

ToggleBluetooth and ToggleWiFi actions

Actions of type ToggleBluetooth or ToggleWiFi allow you to control the power state of your computer's built-in Bluetooth and WiFi controllers.

VPN actions

Actions of type VPN can establish or disconnect from your default PPTP or L2TP VPN.

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