Data Structures

struct  libnfsnapi_mgr_t


libnfsnapi_mgr_tlibnfsnapi_mgr_create (const char *login, const char *api_key, int *error_out)
void libnfsnapi_mgr_destroy (libnfsnapi_mgr_t *mgr)
int libnfsnapi_mgr_error (libnfsnapi_mgr_t *mgr)
const char * libnfsnapi_mgr_strerror (libnfsnapi_mgr_t *mgr)
void libnfsnapi_mgr_set_timenudge (libnfsnapi_mgr_t *mgr, int nudge)

Detailed Description

Example usage:
        libnfsnapi_mgr_t *mgr;
        mgr = libnfsnapi_mgr_create("testuser", "p3kxmRKf9dk3l6ls");

Function Documentation

libnfsnapi_mgr_t* libnfsnapi_mgr_create const char *  login,
const char *  api_key,
int *  error_out

Create a Manager object, used for accessing the NFSN API.

This should only ever fail on malloc failure. It could fail whilst initialising libcurl, but that's pretty unlikely.

login Your NFSN member name. It will be copied internally.
api_key Your NFSN-issued API key. It will be copied internally.
error_out If not NULL, and an error occurs, an error code will be stored at this memory location (see libnfsnapi_error_t).
A Manager object, or NULL on failure.

Definition at line 24 of file mgr.c.

References LIBNFSNAPI_ERROR_LIBCURL, LIBNFSNAPI_ERROR_MEMORY, and libnfsnapi_mgr_destroy().

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void libnfsnapi_mgr_destroy libnfsnapi_mgr_t mgr  ) 

Destroy a Manager object, and free all memory associated with it. Do not use this pointer after calling this function.

Definition at line 112 of file mgr.c.

Referenced by libnfsnapi_mgr_create().

int libnfsnapi_mgr_error libnfsnapi_mgr_t mgr  ) 

Return the error code for the last failure associated with this Manager object. This will only be a sensible value if a libNFSNapi call actually indicated failure to its caller somehow.

See also:
Error handling

Definition at line 129 of file mgr.c.

const char* libnfsnapi_mgr_strerror libnfsnapi_mgr_t mgr  ) 

Convenience function. Equivalent to libnfsnapi_strerror(libnfsnapi_mgr_error(mgr))

Definition at line 134 of file mgr.c.

References libnfsnapi_strerror().

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void libnfsnapi_mgr_set_timenudge libnfsnapi_mgr_t mgr,
int  nudge

Set the time nudge for this Manager object.

Interfacing with the NFSN API requires a timestamp to be used, and it must be accurate to within 5 seconds. Ideally, the client of this library would be running on a machine with an NTP-synchronised clock. However, if that is not possible or desired, the time nudge setting can be used to artificially alter the generated timestamp.

mgr The Manager object.
nudge Number of seconds to add to each generated timestamp.

Definition at line 139 of file mgr.c.

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