An object-oriented library for using the NFSN API, written in portable C.

Yes, this page is ugly. I'm heavily hacking code here, not building a corporate web "presence"!

Feel free to send me criticism, adoration, patches and comments. My email address is at the bottom of this page. The code is licensed under the GNU GPL.

What is it?

This is a collection of C code for accessing the NearlyFreeSpeech.NET API in a fairly object-oriented way. There is Doxygen documentation available. I've also written something similar for Ruby.

Does it work?

See for yourself! I'm using it via a SSI, and you can see that the NFSN account for this site currently has a balance of [an error occurred while processing this directive]. Yes, that's live!

What you need

  1. A POSIX-like environment
  2. libcurl (for networking)
  3. An API key
  4. The code

1 and 2 are both available on the NFSN shell/CGI server, so you can just play with it there. If you're using a Linux distribution, or *BSD, it is extremely likely that you have a simple way of installing it through your package management system.
3 requires you to send a SSR (Secure Support Request).


David Symonds <>
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