Dave's Ruby interface to the NFSN API

Yes, this page is ugly. I'm hacking code here, not building a corporate web "presence"! This page will change, especially during development!

Feel free to send me criticism, adoration, patches and comments. My email address is at the bottom of this page. The code is licensed under the GNU GPL.

What is it?

This is a Ruby module for accessing the NearlyFreeSpeech.NET API in a fairly Ruby-esque way. There is RDoc documentation available.

What you need

  1. Ruby
  2. The JSON ruby module
  3. An API key
  4. My code

1 and 2 are all available on the NFSN shell/CGI server, so you can just play with it there.
3 requires you to send a SSR (Secure Support Request).
4 is not a complete script, just a proof-of-concept.


David Symonds <dsymonds@gmail.com>
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