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Advanced settings

This section details the advanced configuration options of MarcoPolo. Please be aware that changing these settings could have a detrimental effect on your computer's performance, as well as MarcoPolo's performance.

Time interval between re-evaluating rules

The main MarcoPolo thread runs in a loop, gathering evidence from each evidence source, evaluating it against all the rules, and computing the correct context. This setting controls the length of time to pause between these cycles.

WiFi always scans, even when associated

When the WiFi evidence source does a complete scan, the hardware is required to switch through all the IEEE 802.11 channels to listen for access points using those channels. This process can take up to a few seconds, during which any wireless network connection will be disrupted.

The WiFi evidence source will not normally do a complete scan when you are connected to an access point, but you can enable this option to force it to do so.

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