MarcoPolo FAQ

Automatic location switching for Mac OS X.

Frequently Asked Questions

I ran MarcoPolo, but nothing seemed to happen. What's up with that?
MarcoPolo runs in your status bar, which is the set of icons on the right-hand side of your menu bar. There you'll find the MarcoPolo icon, from which you can access MarcoPolo's Preferences.
Can I have MarcoPolo start each time I log in?
Yes! Go into your System Preferences, click on Accounts, click on Login Items, and add MarcoPolo to the list.
I have a device that occasionally disconnects for a very short time, and MarcoPolo notices and changes my context. This is quite annoying. Is there anything I can do about it?
Yes! Go into MarcoPolo's Preferences and select "Use switch smoothing", which should solve your problem.
The option to add a rule of a certain type is greyed out. What gives?
That's either because that particular evidence source is disabled, or there's no evidence of that type detected yet.
What do all the options mean or do?
Most of the options are documented in the manual, which is accessible through the Help menu item.
MarcoPolo isn't changing my Mac OS X network location! Is that a bug?
No. MarcoPolo has been independent of OS X's network locations since version 2.0. If you want your network location changed, create a NetworkLocation action in MarcoPolo's preferences.

David Symonds <>